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Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
you want to use to force entry? you can use axs, you are use pry bars or jacks, car jacks. you need to do a lift, you don't have any levers, there's some cars parked outside, you go up and ask the owner of the car, is it okay if i use your car jack? because you're not going to break in, are you? there's always cutting and boring. here is that ax. of course striking and hammering. how do you break glass? at the top, good. we're going to say that this is the glass from here on down, so how would you break it? do i just want to take it like this and smash it this way? no. the end of the board, going to use the end of the board, but i'm also going to remember that the glass can hurt me. if i were to hit it like this, the glass could slide down, cut my hand. so you want to start at the top like he said, hold this down, turn your head away, you start at the top and smash the glass this way down like that. if it does slide down, it's going to go away from you and not towards your hand. real simple. use a long-handled tool, stand to one side, strike up at the top and you want to clean it a
Oct 4, 2012 4:30pm PDT
and creative reuse of the red vic, i have known jack and betty for some time and this project is well-intentioned. it will create a joint and shared space for olympic and the event space that would co-inhabit that area. i recommended for your approval. thank you. >> any additional public comment? public comment portion closed. >> this is a great adaptive reuse. singlescreen theaters, a long time ago in the 90s, we look at the issue of single screen theaters; the smaller theaters because of the cost of movies and technology has become more and more difficult to keep those alive; it is disappointing but at the same time in this case we are able to do something interesting and innovative, and potentially being able to have movies, and have restaurant-expanded space and do interesting events; i love the idea of micro-businesses. i have been to the space and courtland. innovative concept. with the pop-ups going up, different kinds of food businesses, it seems like a hot time for people to have an opportunity to try their hand of the space before they find a brick-and-mortar space. i app
Oct 6, 2012 5:30am PDT
the arts and sciences. there is luther burbank and jack london. there was a thing on the side. it says federal art project and has beginning and ending date. that is a wall which becomes a tomb stone. the artists themselves are becoming ghosts. that's what he's doing there. joseph danish. head of the projects, it is it was a wonderful time that he woke up every morning wondering how long it would last. they were being paid to produce public art. well, what happened of course is the war. the war came along. and roosevelt could see it coming. so, very few people understand the new deal segways into war. they beefed up the military bases like fort mason. my 1943, they are all killed. the war did what the new deal couldn't do, full employment. there were reports, it's still with mind numbing statistic. we have to rely on other people to do it. the these projects enriched the lives of millions of people and does so today all the time. i have become aware of it, but very few people are. i have also become aware extraordinary people. here's a dedication of roosevelt. on the left, who painted
Oct 6, 2012 12:30am PDT
crow, jack dan jells understood my father mouthfuls at a time. jim beam and old forester where uncles rolled up in the sufficiented hennesy take it's first breath and hound dog laughter and dominos falling like hail on the dining table. relatives existed through stories and memory ease in like zombies on ropes of camel smoke and demand a texas holdum. no wonder they call it spirits. spirits vad my father with cower vas yea. spirits made him burn rubber screaming in the driveway. the marianet and tongue were skillets at mid night. i wouldn't see his ass again until the next afternoon. twoshgs johnnie. gee my cousin john edwards volunteered for possession every week. he was certified. ex exor citizenim did nothing. colt 45, crazy horse they demand the sacrifices in blood so bottles would go to the couch friday night. walls kicked until straight jackets lay waiting on the lawn. mama would site visions of gang boys with metal vent as if it explained anything. it didn't between dusk from the and dawn saturday he was ready to blow the -- up. do you want some of this? oh , no, yes oh , no or
Oct 6, 2012 4:30pm PDT
. in fact,, you know, i have to say, i was really enthralled yesterday when jack dorsey said, it's maybe more about the revolutionary approach that we're doing with government, with social services, with the way we communicate. i want that revolution. i'm a young guy, too, and i remember, we used the word "revolution." i [wa*-pd/] want to use in a technology context. >> you were probably smoking positive when you used it back then. [ laughter ] >> i didn't inhale. >> revolution -- okay. i think the key thing to know is the big party next month, it's innovate month next month. huge open house with all the tech companies. go to and you can sign up. so that sounds like a lot of fun and there is the sf city, which is separate. and this is more, it seems like it's more a program to get the big and small tech companies actively participating in creating new jobs at all levels from entry-level on up, is that right? >> yes. if you look at sf city, the jobs initiative is one of the most important. but sf city actually has six pillars. >> okay. >> jobs, which we have talked
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5